All products contain no artificial colors, parabens, propylene glycol, petroleum byproducts nor mineral oil. All body glows and polish are 60 minutes for $50

Salt Glow

Dead Sea mineral salts contain 21 minerals, which can help to relieve aches and pains, prevent stiffness after exercising, relax the muscles, and dissipate tension headaches. These minerals are recognized for imparting a relaxed feeling, nourishing skin, activating the circulatory system and for easing rheumatic discomfort and metabolic disorders. Your skin will be refreshed, cleansed, and restored.

Sugar Glow

Natural white and brown sugars are infused with essential oils, which are excellent for exfoliation, and leaving soft supple skin. The service is available in a variety of scented cleansing scrubs.

Body Polish

This service is a gentle exfoliation using a variety of oils, pumice, leaf extracts, and essential oils. The polish has a citrus twist of pleasantly scented with lemon, orange and lime essential oils. Your skin is renewed, soft, silky and hydrated.

Body Wrap

A luxurious 60 minute Body Wrap with a scent of your choice, to exfoliate or hydrate the body.  $ 85 -90

Paraffin Wax Treatment

The benefits are outstanding. The penetrating heat relieves pain due to arthritis, tendonitis, muscle spasms and joint stiffness. Hands $10 Elbows $10

Steamy Wonder Treatment

Moist heat experienced during this service speeds up chemical processes, opens pores to excrete metabolic waste. Steam is great for weight loss, cellulite reduction and detoxification.  60 minutes  $75


  • For best results, 3 consecutive days of detoxification and purification is needed to start the treatment
  • Drink a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water; for best results drink ½ your body weight in water ounces
  • Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables during detox
  • Abstain from beef and pork

What to expect the day of your Steamy Wonder Treatment:

  1. Your service will consist of the application of jojoba oil with added essential oils
  2. A thin layer of Herbal mud is applied to the entire body
  3. After a 10 minute steam session the mud is removed
  4. An elixir is applied to the body followed by lightly moisturizing finishing balm to lock in the benefits of the steam treatment
  5. Lastly, wait 6-8 hours before showering

Volcanic Ash Clay Treatment

Face, Neck and Body Contouring Masque

This masque, which is for men & ladies, supports a firmer, tighter, smoother looking skin surface. Absorbent and microscopic particles penetrate into the skin, drawing out skin damaging toxins. Helps reduce inflammation. $60

Under-Eye & Lip Contouring Masque

This masque contains microscopic particle size, which is better suited to treat the delicate skin under eyes. Helps reduce inflammation, puffiness and dark circles. $10